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Read the 2021 Annual Report

A look at PJI's work and impact in.…

April 11, 2022


Georgetown Begins Bachelor’s Degree Program at Maryland Prison

Twenty-five people started classes as part of the university's new degree program for incarcerated students in.…

April 7, 2022


Returning Citizens Graduate from Georgetown Paralegal Program

Ten returning citizens graduated from the MORCA-Georgetown Paralegal Program in.…

March 31, 2022


Martin Tankleff, Attorney and Exoneree, Named to Prestigious Georgetown Professorship

Tankleff, who co-leads Georgetown's Making an Exoneree course, was named the new Peter P. Mullen Distinguished Visiting.…

March 14, 2022


Prison Scholars Celebrate End of Fall Semester

Georgetown students at the D.C. Jail marked the end of the semester and celebrated their. …

January 4, 2022


In Unique Course, Georgetown Students and Prison Scholars Learn Together

Every Tuesday over the fall semester, Georgetown undergraduates and incarcerated scholars came together for. …

December 20, 2021


ANC Commissioner Joel Castón Released from Prison

Joel Castón, a Georgetown Scholar and elected local official, returned home after 27 years of. …

November 23, 2021


DC and Georgetown Relaunch Paralegal Program for Returning Citizens

The program trains formerly incarcerated students to become successful.…

October 13, 2021


Georgetown Opens Applications for Degree Program at Maryland Prison

Georgetown University is accepting applicants for a new bachelor's degree program for students incarcerated in.…

October 4, 2021


Prison Scholars Return to the Classroom

Georgetown's Prison Scholars Program began its fall semester at the D.C. Jail with three in-person.…

September 21, 2021