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From Incarceration to Advocacy: The Transformative Power of Second Chances

Tyrone Walker, Director of Reentry Services, reflects on his journey in celebration of Second Chance Month. …

April 11, 2024


Joel Castón, former Prison Scholar, Appointed to D.C. Sentencing Commission

Joel Castón was appointed to the D.C. Sentencing Commission after years of advocating for D.C.'s incarcerated.…

March 28, 2024


Shameka Hayes, Prison Scholar, wins milestone election from jail

Hayes was elected to be the commissioner of an Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) in Ward.…

February 15, 2024


Reopening the Door to Education for Prison Scholar John Moore

John Moore's experience with the Prison Scholars Program at the D.C..…

February 13, 2024


Vonté Gaffney: Changing Mindsets Through Education

By pursuing a college degree, Vonté hopes to change the narrative around incarcerated people and guide the next.…

January 3, 2024


Georgetown Prison Scholars Increase Digital Literacy with MIT Web Design Program

Last semester, Scholars at the D.C. Jail earned Georgetown credit through courses in sociology, personal finance, and — for the first time — computer science, thanks to a new…

December 15, 2023


Amy McNamara: Paving the Way for Women in Prison Education

As one of the first women accepted into Georgetown's degree program in prison, Amy hopes to encourage.…

December 4, 2023


Prison Scholar Keonte Lewis Sets Sights on College

After finishing his first college classes through Georgetown while incarcerated, Keonte is taking steps to continue his education as a free.…

July 11, 2023


Building Financial Literacy for Incarcerated Students

Professor Mike Ryan, who has taught Personal Finance at the D.C. Jail, said that the Prison Scholars Program has made him a better teacher and learner, emphasizing that educators…

January 23, 2023


Returning to Jail as a Free Man

Colie "Shaka" Long describes his experience returning to the D.C. Jail for the first time as a free man and speaking at the Prison Scholars Program End of Semester.…

January 19, 2023