Welcome back for the 2017-18 academic year! Now in its third year, the Prisons and Justice Initiative continues to host extremely informative, educational, and topical programming. Currently, we are underway with our fall semester of the Georgetown Prison Scholars Program at the DC Jail. This semester includes 9 courses, 2 of which are credit-bearing, and a weekly lecture series for 50 male and female scholars currently residing at the Jail.  Check out this inspirational video that includes special footage from our spring semester graduation celebration! We are currently planning and finalizing numerous events for the Fall 2018 semester, so please check back regularly for more information. 

We are thrilled to share the third PJI Annual Report, which highlights the Initiative's activities in 2017-2018. The report includes photos and images from the many events and programs that we hosted last year, as well as a description of our mission and continuing plans for the future. Download the full report here. 


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