2019 Making An Exoneree Cases

Christina Boyer

“She Was Her Mother” explores the injustice faced by Christina Boyer, who is currently serving a life sentence in Georgia after being wrongfully convicted for the murder of her daughter, Amber Bennett. Christina’s ex-boyfriend, David Herrin, was the only person with Amber the day that she died, and he admitted that Amber accumulated bruising under his sole supervision in the days leading up to her death. Christina has now been incarcerated for over 28 years and denied parole multiple times.

This film was created by Sarah Jackmauh, Grace Perret, and Elizabeth Porterfield.

Update: Christina Boyer’s case was featured in a major article in the Atavist in 2020 and a three-part Hulu series in August 2023.

John Brookins

This documentary sheds light on the surreal story of John Brookins. In December 1990, John walked in on the murder of a friend, and he was later convicted of the crime he was eyewitness to. Despite strong evidence of an alternative suspect, blatant police misconduct, and ineffective counsel, John has been in prison in Pennsylvania for 28 years.

This film was created by Anne Marie Hawley, Cole McConnachie, and Andrew Tyrrell.

Update: John Brookins continues to be represented by Craig Cooley, who is now joined as co-counsel by the national Innocence Project. He has several live motions in his case.

James Fowler

“Justice 4 James” is a documentary that tells the heartbreaking story of James Fowler. Wrongfully charged with two counts of 1st degree murder and one count of attempted murder, James has presented a credible alibi and passed a polygraph examination to support his innocence. Despite multiple people submitting affidavits identifying the real killer, James has been languishing behind bars for the past 25 years while serving two life sentences plus 60 years. 

This film was created by Nicole Berroa, Diana Chiang, and Sabrina Shammas.

Update: James Fowler continues to be represented by Erica Suter.

Tjane Marshall

“The Story of Tjane” is a documentary that serves to illustrate the chasm between the theories that underpin the American criminal justice system and the unjust application of it. Convicted without any DNA evidence or witnesses, solely based on the testimony of a paid informant who had a clear motive to lie, Tjane’s case depicts that “guilt beyond a reasonable doubt” is an arbitrary standard that can be manipulated by state actors for the sake of expediency and convenience. While the other credible suspects were not investigated, Tjane has spent the last 13 years in prison. 

This film was created by Hashwinder Singh, Matthew Morrow and Ky-Ana McKay.

Update: Tjane Marshall is still seeking legal representation.

Eric Riddick

This documentary tells the haunting story of the wrongful conviction of Eric Riddick, who has spent over 27 years in prison for a murder he did not commit.

This film was created by Alexander Buffone, Kendell Long, and Taylor Riddick (no relation).

Update: More than 29 years after he was wrongfully convicted of murder, Eric Riddick walked through the doors of a Philadelphia courthouse a free man on May 28, 2021. Philadelphia’s Conviction Integrity Unit supported Eric’s release and acknowledged that he was wrongfully convicted in 1992. Read more about Eric’s release here.

Nanon Williams

This documentary exposes the injustice that resulted in the wrongful conviction of Nanon Williams, who was convicted and sent to death row in Texas at the age of 17. 27 years later, with his sentence commuted to life, Nanon is a published author and justice advocate who is still fighting to prove his innocence and reclaim his life. 

This film was created by Steffanny Acevedo, Abigail Adams-Spiers, and Fax Victor.

Update: Nanon Williams’ case is now under serious consideration for representation by a major law firm.