Joy Evans

Senior Legal Advisor

Joy V. Evans is excited to join the PJI team as senior legal advisor.  She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Catholic University Law School.  She clerked for the Honorable Michael Mason in Maryland and the Honorable Noel Kramer in the District of Columbia before practicing as a criminal defense attorney in the District of Columbia representing indigent defendants.  She also expanded her practice to represent parties in abuse and neglect family proceedings for several years in the District of Columbia.  She has a fervent interest in helping underserved individuals who have not received fair and just treatment in the criminal legal process, as well as advocating for the wrongfully convicted.  She currently has an active role in researching and advising for PJI’s Making an Exoneree program. In addition, she advises students participating in the MAE course and students at the law center of Georgetown University participating in the program.