Paralegal Program

The DC Mayor’s Office on Returning Citizen Affairs (MORCA), Georgetown University, and a host of prestigious Washington law firms have partnered to create a paralegal certification program that will train highly experienced, previously incarcerated men and women to become valuable paralegal fellows. This groundbreaking collaboration links the extensive but unrealized legal research and analysis talents of these individuals with professional training, certification, and paid fellowships with participating elite law firms.

Fellows receive a three-month training within the Georgetown University Paralegal Studies Program, which was established in 1973 and is taught by a dedicated faculty comprised of attorneys and senior paralegals. The curriculum combines academic rigor with legal and technical competencies to develop well-rounded legal professionals. After receiving their professional training and certification, fellows will then be hired for a one-year paid fellowship at a major DC law firm.

The Paralegal Program has been paused due to COVID-19. We hope to resume in late 2021.