“World Politics” at Jessup Correctional Institution

Professor Marc Howard teaches a two-semester course, “World Politics,” at the Jessup Correctional Institution.  The course is a colloquium consisting of a series of individual lectures/presentations by a different faculty member each week:

Fall 2016

September 23

Marc Howard: “Introduction to the Course and Political Science”


September 30

Gerard Senehi: “Our Most Important Questions in Life”


October 7

James Raymond Vreeland: “The Political Economy of Bob Marley's Music”


october 14

Cathy Schneider: “Police Power in France and the United States”


October 21

Marty Tankleff: “The Causes and Consequences of Exonerations”


october 28

John Mikhail: “Is there a Universal Moral Grammar?”


November 4

Wade Jacoby: “Why Would a Country Take Refugees?”


november 11

Shareen Joshi: “Micro-Foundations of World Politics: A Look Inside the Family”


november 18

Shon Hopwood: “The Future of the Supreme Court”


december 2

Nolan Bennett: “What Does it Mean to Be an American?”


december 9

Hannah Walker: “The Politics of Race in America”


Fall 2015

September 10

Marc Howard:  “Introduction to the Course and Political Science”


September 17

James Raymond Vreeland:  “Money and Politics on the International Stage”


September 24

Kristen Looney:  “China’s Economic Rise and Political Development”


October 1

Elizabeth Stanley:  “Using Mind Fitness to Enhance Performance and Build Resilience”


October 8

Kathy Powers:  “Global Reparations in the Aftermath of Mass Human Rights Violations”


October 15

Diana Kapiszewski:  “Political Regimes and the Informal Economy in Latin America”


October 22

Charles King:  “Nationalism”


October 29

Samuel Potolicchio:  “Charisma and Leadership”


November 5

Hans Noel:  “Political Parties and Political Coordination”


November 12

Keir Lieber:  “Nuclear Weapons and International Politics”


November 19

Erik Voeten:  “International Law”


December 3

Nita Rudra:  “Globalization and Poverty in Developing Countries”


Spring 2016

February 22

David Cole:  “Policing Race and Crime"


February 29

Matthew Carnes, S.J.:  “Inequality:  At Home and Abroad”


March 7

Joshua Cherniss:  “Ideology, Morality, and Political Ruthlessness in the Twentieth Century”


March 11

Christian Davenport:  “Contentious Politics" 


March 14

Eric Lohr:  “Russian History and Politics”


March 21

Sam Fromartz:  “The Politics of Food”


March 28

Benjamin Harbert:  “Music and Politics in Angola Prison”


April 4

Kathy Powers:  “The Global Refugee Crisis”


April 11

John Sides:  “The 2016 Presidential Election”


April 18

David Edelstein:  “The U.S. in the World: What to Expect from the Next President”


April 25

James Raymond Vreeland:  “Which Country Is the Best?”


May 2

Maurice Jackson:  “African American Men before the Civil War”


May 13

Jeffrey Anderson:  “Europe on the Brink?”


May 16

Lise Howard:  “Power and Peacekeeping”