Spring 2019 Semester


Our credit bearing cohort is continuing on their Liberal Studies pathway during the Spring semester with two new courses. We added 13 new students, bringing our total cohort of credit students to 20. Additionally, we are currently offering 7 non-credit bearing courses and the weekly lecture series to an additional 35 students. 

Credit-bearing courses

English Literature: Yael Kiken

Political Philosophy: Professor Olufemi Taiwo

Non Credit-bearing courses

January 17– “Introduction to the Lecture Series”: Marc HowardJoshua Miller, and Aliyah Graves-Brown

January 24– “Criminal and Juvenile Justice Reform in The United States”: Marc Schindler 

January 31- “Populism”: Binio Binev 

February 7- “War & Peace: Understanding Trends in Global Conflict: Tarek Ghani

February 14- “Global Health: Saving Newborn Lives”: Lara Vaz

February 21- “Black Culture, Black Politics”: Robert Patterson 

February 28- “Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement”: Marcus Board 

March 14- “China’s Economic Rise and Political Development”: Kristen Looney 

March 21- “What Will Health Care Look Like in 2025?”: Jason Bello 

March 28- “Speechwriting: It Doesn’t Matter What You Say If No One Remembers It”: Sean O’Brien

April 4- “Religion, Storytelling, and Prison Justice”: Alphonso Saville 

April 11- “The Orange Jumpsuit Project”: Sherrill Roland 

April 25- “Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution”: Rev. Brad Braxton 

May 2- “Golf Art Saved Me, Georgetown Set Me Free”: Valentino Dixon 

May 9- “Navigating College and the Future of Higher Education”: Kelly Otter 

In this workshop we will read and discuss short stories and plays written by a diverse group of award-winning writers. We’ll analyze the basic structure of works of fiction, focusing on plot, character development, setting, and style. Class members will complete short assignments related to the writing techniques we discuss.

Introduction to journalism, newspapers and politics. A veteran journalist will lead a seminar that explores principles and practices of journalism. Focus will be on newspapers, with discussions of how to read and analyze articles of various kinds.

Democratic Erosion and Authoritarianism, we will explore the issue of democratic backsliding in general, and America’s retreat from democratic representation, in undermining American support for democratic rule.

“Tenacity” is a full service set of tools for success in the workplace. Incorporating such scenarios as: how to work as a team, working with people very different from you, what happens when you make a mistake, how to talk to your supervisor, “netiquette” or how to write an email in a professional and respectful manner. The workplace has a code of behavior that once you understand the rules, you will fit in and understand your role and responsibilities creating a successful work experience.

Philosophy of Friendship: Professor Hallie Liberto

English Literature: Daniel Breen

Debate: Allison Ross (COL ’20) and the Georgetown Debate Team