GOVX-400: Prison Reform Project

“Prison Reform Project” is part of a recently-created line of courses in the Department of Government (designated as GOVX) that follow a non-traditional structure and format, based on different methods and schedules of instruction and learning. The Spring 2016 course involved extended class meetings and interactions with a group of incarcerated individuals, leading to a major public event and the cover story of the Washington Post┬áSunday┬áMagazine. The Spring 2017 version focused on societal reentry, as Georgetown students worked with people who had recently returned from prison and were adjusting to free society. Since Spring 2018, the class has explored the issue of wrongful convictions. Co-taught by Marc Howard and his childhood friend Marty Tankleff, who was himself wrongfully convicted and incarcerated for almost 18 years before being exonerated, students take on cases in the hopes of proving their “client’s” innocence. For details on each GOVX course, please follow the links below:

Spring 2016: 37th and Jessup
Spring 2017: Beyond 144
Spring 2018: Making An Exoneree
Spring 2019: Making An Exoneree
Spring 2020: Making An Exoneree