Partner with the Paralegal Program

The MORCA-Georgetown Paralegal Program aims to bring together employers and qualified, professional paralegals. We partner with top law firms, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies to place our graduates and set them up for success in the workplace.

We invite partners to be involved throughout the program, as early the admissions process. After the Paralegal Fellows have completed their academic coursework, partners have the opportunity to interview several candidates for paid, entry-level positions. Through a matching process, Georgetown then identifies the best fit for each graduate and employer.

These employers gain highly motivated, Georgetown-trained paralegals who bring a unique and valuable perspective to their workplaces. Our partners play a key role in advancing second chance hiring in the District and open doors for rising professionals.

We recognize that for many employers in the legal field, there may be structural and policy hurdles to hiring returning citizens. We work closely with our partners to address any concerns and open the door for more inclusive hiring practices.

Join Us In 2022-2023

We are excited to welcome the next cohort of MORCA-Georgetown Paralegal Fellows! Classes began on July 25, and interviews for job placements will take place in December.

Want to participate or learn more? Please email us at